The Lowdown on Salsa Lockdown Radio

Interview with Sassia Michel, Creator of Salsa Lockdown Radio As I said recently, one of the best things to come out of this global shutdown is the tremendous burst of creativity and innovation it has prompted from the international salsa dance community in an effort to help keep us vitally connected while we’re apart. HereContinue reading “The Lowdown on Salsa Lockdown Radio”

Portfolio of writing, subbing, production editing, etc work for various clients

The examples shown here represent a smattering of recent (2019) work for various clients via Reach Plc, as well as a few investigative reports I researched and wrote/contributed to, substantively edited, designed, produced and uploaded, all represented as jpegs, with download links to PDFs of the larger reports or supplements. If you are unable toContinue reading “Portfolio of writing, subbing, production editing, etc work for various clients”