Small, but big

Left: in Cornwall, UK, summer 2018; Above: in Mykonos, summer 2019

When I was in high school, a friend wrote in my yearbook, ‘for such a small person, you sure do everything BIG!’

Well, being all of 5’1″ has its downsides, but I have not typically let that cramp either my zest for life nor my ambitions to write about the big issues that really matter – and that is what this site is all about.

I had an idea when I was growing up that the world would end in my lifetime – and at the rate things are going, this is increasingly likely. What this has meant is that I have always – and continue to do so, even now – attempted to live every single day as though it could be my last. I have travelled a lot – roughly 40 countries across four continents, four of which I have lived in (the US, Ireland, the Netherlands, the UK). I have been a missionary, a journalist, a poet/writer, an editor (and many derivations thereof, on all kinds of media), an English teacher/teaching assistant, an art teacher and a dance teacher (salsa) – and now I can also add ‘eco warrior’ or Extinction Rebellion environmental activist to my JD. I have survived near-certain death more times than I can count. And I am still living, learning and working out why I am here and what I really need to say or give to the world as a writer, based on all of the above – particularly now that the time may be even shorter.

So this blog is about this journey – I don’t know yet all that it will be, but I hope you will gain something from the times you share it with me. We all need answers, whether on philosophical or practical matters – and I welcome your comments and questions too.

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